The Little Red Crab is the story of a crab that overcomes his fears with the help of the Wise Old Turtle, as he travels from Ocean’s Northern Shores (a scary place) to Ocean’s Southern Shores (a safe place). the-little-boat2

The Little Red Boat learns how to free itself from the stinky water in its bilge that is holding it down.

earthworm-named-seymour The Earthworm Named Seymour learns he must take his eyes off the one thing he is clinging to and look around and see the beauty around him.

tad-the-mouse Tad the Mouse learns that even on the darkest days he can know that his friend Mr. Sun is never far away.


The Pig Named Seymour. Seymour discovers who he is supposed to be.


DUCKY learns that a duck, not a swan, is who she is.


MYLEE WANTS TO SWIM. Mylee thinks he wants to be a duck, then he discovers what he’s been missing.

Mack in the Muck
Mack discovers that help often comes in unexpected ways.
A little orphan girl discovers the abundant love that is hers.
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