If you’ve ever spent more than 10 minutes with Al (my husband) and me, you will have noticed that Al calls me ‘Joe’.  I wish I had a dollar for everytime someone has asked, “Why does Al call you ‘Joe’?????”  It’s really very romantic.  Well, maybe not.  It was when we first fell in love, I was 18 he was 19.  We were silly in love with each other.  Al would say, “Hey Joe!” and I would answer, “Hey George!”  And we would laugh at each other and think we were the funniest couple in Portland Oregon (where we lived at the time.)   Well, ‘Joe’ has stuck to this very day, although I don’t call Al, ‘George’ ,anymore.

My grandson’s name is Caleb.  It’s a good name.  It fits him.  But sometimes I call him ‘Jacob’.  This is why.  Early one morning 7 years ago, I was crying out to the Lord for my daughter, who had tried unsuccessfully for years to become pregnant.  She was hurting so bad, and I was hurting for her.  I heard the Lord speak to my heart that morning, and He said, “Missy will have a baby, it will be a boy, he will be a Jacob.”   That promise came true on December 17th when Missy & Pat gave birth to Caleb Richard.

 So if you hear me call my grandson Caleb, “Jacob”, I will tell you this story.


And I wonder what God meant, “He will be a Jacob.”  Will he be used by God in some mighty way?  And I pray for God’s wisdom and strength and discernment for the families of not only Caleb and my grandaughter, Angel and my older grandaughter and grandson, Holly and Cody, but for all the children today.