I recently completed a 21-day Daniel Fast.  I had been doing some online bible studies with True Identity Ministries and was challenged by founder Juseina Brownlee to join her and others on this fast.   I’m telling you, I was so scared.  I really didn’t believe I’d be able to make it for 21 days, with no coffee, no sugar, no processed foods, and yes I’ll be honest, no glass (or two) of wine, when feeling stressed out.  But I did it!  No, I take that back, GOD did it!  It was so incredible, the strength God gave me during this time.  He gave me desire to actually WANT to find recipes that were filling and delicious and ‘daniel fast’ friendly!

But the thing I want to testify to is the power of this fast!  Before I began the fast I was asked to write down my primary motivation for fasting.  I knew it was to intercede for people in my life who did not know Jesus.  I have loved ones who aren’t saved.  I also have a job where a day doesn’t go by that I pass the path of a teenager who is living in darkness.  (I work as a drug and alcohol counselor and my primary workload is with incarcerated teens.)  My heart has been so heavily burdened for these young people, not to mention my own loved ones.  I was also motivated to fast for a specific person, who was struggling with an alcohol addiction and whose marriage was failing.

The day I completed the fast, I was asked by a co-worker to do her three-hour class with a group of 5 teenage girls who were receiving Intensive Outpatient treatment for drug, alcohol and other chemical abuse.  My co-worker said she was scheduled to do some ‘packet work’ and I could find the material in her drawer.  Guess what the lesson was?  Step 3 of AA – “made a decision to turn my life and will over to God as I understood Him.”  WOW!  For the next three hours I was blessed to share not only my own story with these girls, but to help them process who God is for them.  I shared a modern day clip of the prodigal son story from the bible.  At the end of the class, one of the girls came up to me and said, “something happened today…. I don’t know what.  But would you be able to get me a 12 step book  from AA?”  To further validate that God had worked in this girls heart, the next day, my co-worker asked me, “what happened with ________?!?!!  …. Before today she had always been so angry and rebellious in class.  Today she wrote me an letter, apologizing for her behavior.  She said she wanted her life to change, and she wanted God to help her.”  !!!!!!!!  WOW

Then another miracle happened!  This week I received a phone call from the person mentioned above, with the alcohol addiction and failing marriage.  He said he needed to talk to me, NOW!!!  He sounded desperate.  When I arrived at his home, he was weeping.  He said he felt horrible and he didn’t know what to do.  He was overwhelmed with grief and guilt and shame.  He said his eyes were ‘opened’ and he saw what he has done to his wife, his family and his life in general.  He kept saying how sorry he was.  We talked for quite awhile, and when I said, “…you don’t KNOW how many people have been praying for you!”, he answered, “How about if I pray now, and then you and ______(his wife) can pray for me?”  I couldn’t believe my ears!  I stammered out, “…what????” and then he repeated it!  Then he prayed.  It was the most beautiful prayer I think I’ve ever heard.  He asked God to come into his life.  He told God how desperately he wants to find Him and to have a relationship with Him.  He told God he was sorry.  WOW.  wow,wow,wow.  This was the very same person who had rejected having a relationship with God for so long!

So yes!  I believe in the power of Biblical fasts!

I also learned about myself through this fast.  I learned how I was turning to food, (and yes, to that glass or two of wine) for comfort, instead of turning to God.  Fasting breaks my enslavement to food.  I learned that by fasting I am not deprived, but instead am EMPOWERED!  Empowered by the Holy Spirit!

Thank you Abba God, for your great love.  BY YOUR MERCY, please continue to bring the lost ones into your fold.  Because YOU deserve it God, you DESERVE trillions upon trillions upon trillions of your saved ones, in your presence, praising you for your unfailing love and mercy and kindness!  All blessing and honor and glory and power, to You, Oh God!    Blessing and Honor and Power and Glory







   This year for Christmas Al and I got Angel and Caleb a rocking horse.  I spent quite a bit of time on the Internet researching different rocking horses.  I wanted one that was perfect – safe and fun and loveable.  We found it and for the 2 weeks before Christmas, we could hardly wait in anticipation.  We were so excited to give Angel and Caleb their new horsey! 

   Well, the day finally came, and we were not disappointed.  Caleb is a little young yet to appreciate it, but Angel was delighted!  You should have seen the look on her face!  Al and I were so happy to see the joy on her face.  And to this day, she rides and loves her horsey.

    I wonder….. how do WE respond to the gifts our Heavenly Father gives US?  Do we LOVE His gifts?  Today I want to think of all the wonderful gifts He gives me and be excited about them.  At the top of the list is the gift of His own son.  Jesus.  I love it, Abba!  LOVE IT< LOVE IT< LOVE IT!  I love this gift of salvation!  I love Your Holy Spirit living in me!  I love You!  Thank you!


I love blogging.  I really do.  I try to be faithful about blogging on Wednesdays and Thursday.  Wednesdays are ‘WORD FILLED WEDNESDAY’ , where God’s word (no famous quotes or other literature — only the beautiful word of our Father) is shared through photo’s & a Bible verse!  Thursday’s are “THANKFL THURSDAY”, where we blog about what we are thankful for.

The past week has been really busy.  There’s been graduations.  I had  my grandchildren here for a couple days.    It’s been busy at work.  I’ve been helping Al do some landscaping.  We’ve had trophy orders to get done.  You know.  Life is busy!   As a result,  I fell off my system and missed last weeks Thankful Thursday.  I thought I’d get back on track this week.  But I thought today was Wednesday.  I realize it is Thursday.  So I’m going to combine the two days. 

I am thankful for how the Holy Spirit teaches us and speaks to us.  I have been really blessed the past two days as I’ve spent time in the Word.  I am so thankful for the Word.  This morning the Lord lead me to Matthew 24:45-46(NASB).   Jesus had been telling his disciples about what the world would look like before He came back again.  Then Jesus asked, “Who is the faithful and sensible servant whom the master will find feeding his household food at the proper time?”  Jesus then said, “Blessed is that servant whom his master finds so doing when he comes.”wordfilledwednesday

Well, I want to be found faithful.  I want to be found sensible.  This is how Webster defines sensible and faithful: 

sensible:  having, using, or showing good sense or sound judgment; cognizant; keenly aware.

faithful:  thorough in the performance of duty; a faithful worker;  true to one’s word, promise, vows, etc.;  steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant; reliable

I started asking the Lord, “WHO is my household?  WHAT is the food I’m supposed to be feeding them?  WHEN is the proper time to be feeding them?”

And I realized that during these end times that we are living in, when we wonder “….what are we supposed to be DOING????……”, the Bible tells us, “do not neglect your spiritual gifts……” (1Timothy 4:14), that we are just supposed to be taking care of our ‘households’.   Each one of us has a ‘household’.  Our household probably consists of our families, our jobs, our interests, what we spend our time on.  So my prayer today is that when Jesus comes back, He will find each one of us being sensible.  Being faithful.  And feeding our households food at the proper time.  I realize we need to be asking the Lord to show us what food He would have us feed our household and when the proper time is.  We need Him to show us.  And He will.  He just wants us to ask Him and to trust Him.  Just like God told Noah what he needed to build the ark (gopher wood and tar), and He told Noah the exact dimensions of the Ark (Genesis 6:14-16),  and then waited patiently while Noah built it (1Peter 3:30)….. well today we should be asking God for instructions.  Then we should listen and obey.  Because there is a flood of the Holy Spirit coming!  God is waiting patiently for us to finish building our ‘arks’.  Let Him find us being faithful and sensible.  Because wThankful Thursdaye will be blessed!  SWEET!blogwordfilledwednesday