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Job, I want to shake your hand.

When I get to heaven, Job is one of the many people I want to meet.  I am so grateful for his story.  I am sorry for all the pain and suffering he endured:  losing his children, his livelihood, his status and honor, his health.  Unbeknownst to him, behind the scenes, Satan was accusing Job, saying that Job loved God only because of all the blessings he had.  The story proves Satan wrong.  Job never stopped believing in God.  Oh he went through anger and depression.  He cried out to God.  He demanded an explanation of God.  He tried to justify himself.  But he always knew that God was there, even if at times he ‘thought’ God was distant and uncaring.

This past week our family experienced fear and worry as we waited for word on the mass found on my daughters ovary.  Although the answers are still not certain, the doctors are more optimistic that the tumor is benign.  Now we just wait for the surgery.  My daughter is experiencing much pain.  She has cried out to God honestly and she has shared her journey openly.  I think, like Job, God is pleased when we present not the idealistic picture of HOW a tested person ‘ought to act’, but rather a authentic picture of how a person DOES act when pain and fear are present.

Yes, Job, I am thankful for your story.  I can’t wait to shake your hand.