Sometimes I can be so lame

I was teaching a drug and alcohol class to a group of teenage girls.  I had found a Youtube videoclip that was well done and interesting.  It was  illustrating serotonin and melotonin levels in an addict.  It then went on to say that a person can raise their own serotonin levels by doing ‘acts of kindness’ to others.  This has been scientifically proved!  Actually, it makes sense.  Have you ever noticed that when you do something kind for someone else, it makes you feel good???

The girls were very excited to learn this bit of information.  They discussed things they could do, like talking to someone who is down, or letting someone go in front of them in the lunch line, or writing a kind note to someone.  I was very encouraged that they seemed to have ‘received’ the point of the lesson.

When class was over I was starting to gather my stuff up.  One of the girls asked if she could help me.  I said, “no… I’ve got it.”  Then she had this sad look on her face, and I realized, I AM SO LAME!  Here she is, wanting to do an act of kindness and I’ve turning her down!  So I quickly said, “Actually, you CAN help me.”  …and I stepped back and let her put my stuff away.  She was smiling and she said to me, “I wanted to raise my serotonin level!”

Maybe I should focus on letting people have opportunities to help me.  I remember my Dad used to say that…. that a true friend is one who will allow you to help him.


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