Dear Loved One,


I know you’re hurting right now. You’re feeling unloved and unworthy. You feel hopelessness and despair. You don’t know what to believe in anymore. You had so much hope for a bright exciting future, and suddenly its gone! You’re in that awful place of expectations being destroyed. You’re feeling despair.

But the Bible tells me as your brother or sister in Christ, I’m supposed to encourage you with the TRUTH of these times. (1 Thessalonians 5)

Because YOU KNOW the truth. You are one of the blessed children of God, that has accepted Jesus, that believes in Jesus, and knows how God’s plan for us all is going to end! What a gift that is! You KNOW we are living in end times! You are going to be raptured up to Jesus before all the really bad stuff happens! You already have a place and a position Jesus has prepared for you! And according to Bible prophecy, this is all going to happen very soon!

These truly are such exciting times we’re living in! Satan DOES NOT want us to take ANY pleasure in this fact so he BOMBARDS us with anything he can to take our peace away. He’s done that in your life right now. But friend, REGARDLESS of what struggles you’re having in any relationship right now, that doesn’t change your relationship with Jesus! THAT’s what you must think on! Experiencing the presence of God….. That’s what you need right now! And that’s what GOD wants you to have and to experience!

This past year I’ve done a lot of searching through the scriptures, trying to find out what was the ‘secret’ to those disciples’ endurance. After everything that happened at River Hills Fellowship, I was in such a bad place. Maybe a little like how you’re feeling now. I had so many hopes, plans and dreams….. I envisioned a bright future in a church where I felt loved and had purpose. I had expectations that I would get to do the thing(s) I loved doing (encouraging in the Lord, sharing the Word, singing songs, etc.)

And for the past year now, I have been waiting on the Lord. The first few months were much like what you’re feeling now. But then, as I continued to study the Bible, I saw that many of the people God called had bad things happen to them. You can start at the beginning of the Bible and go all the way through, and find they all had ‘stuff’.

For example, Jacob worked for 7 years in the fields for Laban, EXPECTING his marriage to Rachel. But he was deceived and instead got Leah. (Genesis 29:20-25). Imagine how he felt! We all know the horrible stuff that happened to Job. And the Bible tells us Paul experienced all sorts of physical, emotional and spiritual trials….. Which he considered nothing compared to what was coming! There’s so many great examples in the Bible, …. I just don’t have the time or the room to list them all!

What I found, was that all these people had ‘found’ God. They had experienced a personal touch from Him. Even when their situations didn’t immediately change, they found they could hang on because they had experienced God. For example: Hagar. Do you remember her? She was Sarah’s maid whom Sarah had given to Abraham to bear a child. But then, Sarah ran Hagar off! But God appeared to Hagar out in the wilderness! He basically told Hagar that her son Ishmael would be hated by all. Now what mother wants to hear that?!!?? Yet Hagar praised God….. Not because of what He had told her about Ishmael. But because she had experienced the presence of God. She would NEVER forget that day. She even said to God, “You are a God that sees!“ And He sees YOU too!

I have found that experiencing God’s presence is the answer in these times. (By the way, Hagar’s story is found in Genesis 16.)

I still don’t have a church. I want to be ‘doing something’ for God, yet no doors seem to be opening! But I have this amazing peace, and these last few months I have felt the love of God for me in ways I never have before! Nothing compares with that!

I’ve been doing a lot of studying and researching and praying about these times we live in. WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO? The thing that comes through over and over again, is we’re supposed to just be ready, watching, and doing the job Jesus assigned for us to do. What IS that job? I don’t know what it is for you, my friend, but God does not speak in riddles. I know He will help you understand what it is He wants you to do in these last days. Maybe you are called to just WAIT, to love whomever God has placed in your life…. Love them in their imperfectness, …. I don’t know. But God does.

One of the things we are specifically told by Jesus is this: “Be on guard so that your hearts will not be weighed down with dissipation (indulgence) and drunkenness and the WORRIES OF THIS LIFE…..” (Luke 21:34). Like I mentioned earlier, I notice that over and over, we are told to ‘be on guard’. I think Jesus knew that Satan would be attacking our minds and emotions so ferociously these end days. You are weighed down right now with depression and hopelessness, because you had set your mind and heart on expectations that aren’t coming true. But I think Jesus wants you to instead, set your expectations on the things YOU KNOW ARE COMING TRUE. And that is His soon return and the glorious life you will experience with Him!

My friend, wherever you are and whatever you are going through, I pray that God will reveal Himself to you today in a very special way. Don’t run from him….. Run into His arms! He loves you so much!

I am attaching one of my songs. It’s called “Peace, be still.” I want you to imagine Jesus speaking those words to you. He doesn’t always give explanations, in fact most times He DOESN’T explain our pain. He just expects us to trust Him. And He just says, “Peace, __________…. Be still. Trust me.”


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