Sister Helen

I don’t get that many hits on my blog.  But for some reason for about 5 days I was getting an incredible amount of hits.  It looked like people were reading “They Had Drama Too.”  The only thing I can figure out is that I mentioned Charlie Sheen in the blog.  Maybe people were doing searches for the latest on Charlie Sheen and maybe it brought them to my blog.  I don’t know.  But it got me to thinking.  Why are people more fascinated in Charlie Sheen (me included) than in someone like Sister Helen?  I ran onto this video by accident. 

Most nuns are not like Sister Helen — she’s tough as nails, can curse like a sailor, and woe to anyone who gets on her bad side. But most nuns probably haven’t had a past like Sister Helen’s, either; a longtime alcoholic, Helen gave up drinking only after the death of both of her children (one of whom was murdered, the other who died from drug overdose) and her husband (who died from alcoholism). After getting clean and sober, Helen became a Benedictine Nun, and until her death in 2000 she ran a halfway house for recovering drug and alcohol abusers in a rough neighborhood in the South Bronx. 
I cried when she collapsed and died as they were filming this documentary.  But I will be thrilled to meet her in heaven.  The incredible documentary is a stirring tribute to Sister Helen who believed that God puts you where He wants you.


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