Thank you Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio!

Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin have done fantastic jobs in their past concerts highlighting the greatness of God as displayed in the universe.  Chris makes sure to make the concerts a worship service, not just a time for us to be entertained.  He wants you to praise God while you are there.

In “How Great is our God” and “Indescribable” concerts, Chris in his songs and Louie in his message, focus on the creation of God, specifically the galaxies and the sun.  Louie compares the earth to a golf ball and shows that it takes a G-ZILLION golf balls to fill up the sun and other stars in other galaxies.  How great is our God!  How huge He is! 

Louie also talks about  “Laminin”.  What’s laminin, you say?   I had never heard of this before I listended to the DVD talk of Louie’s.  Laminin is your body’s cell-adhesion molecules. It is the “glue” that holds all the cells in your body together. Do you know what is so incredible about this? It’s in the shape of a cross. The “glue” that holds your skin together, that holds your organs together, that literally holds everything in your body together, is a cross!  SO COOL! 

But the concert I went to on February 17th with my daughter, her friend and my daughter-in-law (“And If Our God Is For Us”) focused on all creation singing His praise.  We were reminded how we at that concert were joining all of creation in praising God.  Every snowflake that falls.  The songs of the whales in the ocean. The sound of a flower bud opening.  Birds.  Wind.  Rustling leaves.  Lapping waves.  The rocks rolling down the mountain.  The furthest galaxies…. the satellites pick up the sound they make.  On and on and on.

And I am reminded that as I sit alone in my living room singing the songs and playing the guitar that the Lord has given me these past few years, that I too join the sound of creation.  I am so blessed to be reminded of that.  Thank you Chris Tomlin and Louis Giglio.


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