My heart is heavy this morning.  I stumbled across this blog http://thechapel.wordpress.com/about/

This is a person who  was a former Protestant minister and is  now an atheist, one who does not hold any belief in any god.  He/She proclaims this fact proudly and makes no bones about it.  Many comments on the blog proclaim and agree and joyfully profess their newfound freedoms.

There were a few comments from Christians, trying to call this person back.  The response was basically, “Don’t waste your time.”  There is no conscience, no conviction.

My heart is heavy.  I feel so helpless.  But then I’m reminded God knows.  He’s always known.  And He’s a merciful God.  So this morning, I cry out to Him, I plead His mercy and grace on these people.  Will you join me?

“But the Holy Spirity tells us clearly that in the last times some in the church will turn away from Christ and become eager followers of teachers with devil-inspired ideas.  These teachers will tell lies with straight faces and do it so often that their consciences won’t even bother them.”  1-Timothy 4:1-2 (The Living Bible paraphrased)


18 thoughts on “A HEAVY HEART

  1. I also read this blog and I must say that I find it difficult to find the pride to which you refer, in fact the Chaplain’s comments appear generally quite restrained. By contrast I found some comments made by professed imitators of Christ overtly abrasive and insulting (though some attempted to be constructive I admit).

    To which God are you referring as merciful? Surely not he that is presented in the Old Testament as complicit in the needless slaughter of hundreds of thousands of his creatures? He who hates one and loves another and yet is the father of us all? I am confused.

  2. I’m not. You get god-colored reality whenever you look at life through god-colored glasses . Or, as we call them in the real world, “blinders”.

  3. Really? You have a “heavy heart” because people are waking up and figuring out that your god doesn’t exist, that they find the knowledge liberating and that it allows them to get on with their lives, unrestricted by silly man-made myths? You must have a wonderful life if this is the problem that gives you a heavy heart. Be happy! No one is going to force YOU to wake up. 😉

  4. That Bible excerpt was written by someone who was expecting Jesus to reappear in his lifetime. Jesus didn’t show then and he won’t be showing in the future. We have no proof he even existed. Get yourself some ‘new-found’ freedom. It’s for everyone.

  5. It looks like I had a better day than you did. My heart was not heavy. I did not feel hopeless. And instead of praying for people and hoping that god would do something to help them, I took it upon myself to take action where I could, and I actually did several things that I know helped people.

  6. Wait, you think some creature created the universe… the whole universe… and that its only interest is that people on a tiny planet actually BELIEVE it created the universe? And despite this great importance it puts in us believing it and worshiping it, it doesn’t give any evidence of its existence? You think that you not only “know” that this creature exists but that you personally “know” what it wants, what its game plan is, etc? And you think that this “knowledge” you have is worthy of being believed, in the face of billions of other people who believe just as strongly as you do, but think they “know” that god is some different creature, with different plans? You don’t see that the only difference between you and those others is the location on the planet where you were born and raised? You don’t see that as a strange “coincidence”?

    Come on. You’re kidding, right?

  7. Besides, if god is omnipotent this is all part of his plan, right? There are passages in the old and new testaments indicating that god created some of us and hardened our hearts so we would go to hell. I can find the verses if you’d like me to.

  8. Your heart is heavy because you love Jesus. Which means you love others and hope for them to know and understand the hope and freedom that can be found only through Jesus. And you’re right – God knows and all He calls us to do is continue to pray and show the love of Jesus in all we do. Blessings.

  9. Rubbish Missy. There is no Jesus, therefore this peace and harmony you speak of is available to all. You attribute yours to your imaginary friend. I attribute mine to reason.

  10. Missy:

    “Your heart is heavy because you love Jesus. Which means you love others and hope for them to know and understand the hope and freedom that can be found only through Jesus. And you’re right – God knows and all He calls us to do is continue to pray and show the love of Jesus in all we do. Blessings.”

    You are aware that the ‘Jesus’ I think you are referring to endorsed the books of Moses that catalogue the alleged decimation of entire nations, men, women, children and livestock (obviously terrible sinners) needlessly. Given your professed allegiance to said Jesus, I think it fair to conclude that you also endorse the slaughter. I also find it odd that you refer to him as ‘Jesus’, I may be wrong and happy to be corrected but, as I recall, the only individuals who referred to him as ‘Jesus’ in the New Testament (NT) were his enemies. To his disciples was he not ‘the Lord Jesus’? I do not wish to appear unkind or ungracious but I find your warm and rosy comments typical of the flabby thinking around the Christ as he is presented in the NT.

    If the God to which you refer wanted to deliver individuals from the darkest pit of hell, he wouldn’t wait for you and others to pray to him. You are doubtless familiar with the ninth chapter of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans? It is crystal clear in this chapter that deliverance is a function of divine fiat, not the intercessions of others.

  11. Off topic, the title of this blog reminds me of a Pete Townsend disc:


    Actually, that describes god! Or me.

  12. Heavy Heart & Missy:
    Have you ever read a Richard Dawkins’ essay entitled, “Good and Bad Reasons for Believing?” It’s not very long, and it’s beautifully written. Here’s an outline to whet your appetite:

    A Good Reason for Believing:

    Three Bad Reasons for Believing:

    Read the essay (it should take 5 minutes, max) and think about it. Then consider honestly into which category your religious beliefs fall.

  13. But then I’m reminded God knows. He’s always known. And He’s a merciful God.

    That brings up an interesting thought. If he’s always known there would be atheists and other non-believers, then he set this whole existence of humans up knowing full well most would be created only to suffer eternally. That doesn’t seem merciful, unless you think providing an option for escape from his wrath is somehow merciful, but that sounds like a mafioso tactic, or the antics of an abusive spouse. You can just picture a Corleone saying something like, “nice existence. Shame if anything were to happen to it” or some fat slob in a wife-beater saying, “you better make me a sandwich or else I’ll hit you.” Both offer “mercy”, as long as you give them what they want.

    I think anyone’s heart should be made heavy knowing anyone is in such an abusive relationship, but it should be made even heavier knowing that the relationship, although still abusive and causing harm to the victim, is a completely fabricated relationship and one the victim can walk away from at any time. Gods aren’t real, and even if they were, if they were anything like the Abrahamic god, they’d by tyrants and unworthy of worship.

  14. Dear PM, Spanish Inquisitor, John Evo, Roz, the chaplain, Bounce and Philly Chief.
    Thank you for your comments. I have to say I was quite surprised at the activity … I haven’t had so many hits on my blog for quite some time! I’m not going to engage in argument. There are many people much more capable than I to defend the existence of God and Jesus and his Holy Spirit. I can only tell you that I DID meet Jesus in a personal way, and that he changed me and healed me. You can read my testimony on this blog. Jesus is alive and he changes hearts. I have experienced my own heart changing, from being narcisstic and self-centered to becoming more loving, caring, compassionate. It is the heart of Jesus that makes me sad for those that don’t know him. At the same time I have a peace inside of me that surpasses all understanding. I pray God will bless you and open your eyes to His great love.
    You are welcome to come visit my blog at any time. However, I ask that you do not malign Jesus and Christianity on this blog. Thank you.

  15. …providing an option for escape from his wrath is somehow merciful…

    But slavery is such a nice option!

  16. singspeakgloryseek:

    I ask that you do not malign Jesus and Christianity on this blog.

    My apologies for the “slavery” comment, which undoubtedly crossed your line. It appears that we were both typing at the same time. I’ll leave now, as we clearly have little to discuss with each other. As I leave, I’ll simply reiterate my suggestion that you read the Dawkin’s piece. If you’re as secure in your “knowledge” of God as you say you are, you’ve got nothing to lose by reading it. At the very least, it will give some insight into how atheists think and why we don’t believe.

  17. I would be disappointed if you thought the reason I posted on your blog was to provoke argument. You see, you have made statements on an open forum about others implicitly charging them with following diabolical teaching (you did quote that verse for a reason didn’t you?) and it is not unreasonable that they should respond, (I am not an atheist by the way). If you feel that I have maligned your Jesus or offended you in any way then I am sorry. So far as I can discern I have said nothing that is not biblically verifiable (assuming that you believe the bible). Whatever my reservations about your comments you seem to be a decent human being.

  18. I will bow out after this comment. Please note that the atheists and others who have taken exception to what your post was about did not engage in any name calling or unkind language. Once someone suggests that I not offend them though… well, time to go. 😉

    I just wanted to, in closing, point out that you said that “others” could defend the existence of Jesus better than you can, but also that you know he exists due to a personal experience.

    The others will simply provide standard apologetics which have been routinely discredited by brightest minds of our age and past ones. Your personal experience is evidence of nothing, and shouldn’t be EVEN TO YOU. If I woke tomorrow with the sure and certain memory of having been abducted by aliens, I would still realize that it didn’t happen because I know that a) the human mind can make us think all kinds of nonsense that feels completely real and b) there is no credible supporting evidence to my experience. That I would have experienced SOMETHING would be beyond doubt to me. That I experienced what it felt like, would be discarded.

    But that just me. I’m really stuck on this “confirmed reality” thing. Pretty weird, eh?

    See ya.

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