A Bible tidbit

This is so fascinating to me.  Over 2700 years ago (700 B.C), God spoke through a prophet, Micah.   In Micah 5:2-3, God told us of two times he would come.  In vs. 2, “O Bethlehem, you are but a small Judean village, yet you will be the birthplace of my King who is alive from everlasting ages past!”  Of course he’s talking about Jesus here!  Then vs. 3 says “God will abandon his people to their enemies UNTIL the time of Israel’s spiritual rebirth..”  And we know that this event has also taken place.  From 586 B.C. when Jerusalem was destroyed until 1948, Israel had no nation, no identity, no king, no government.  But then in 1948 they became a nation!  The scripture continues:  “…then at last the exile remnants of Israel will rejoin their brethren in their own land.”  Did you realize that since 1948, the Jews have been coming home?  I looked up these statistics of Jewish population in Israel on Wikipedia:

1948: 800,000

1950:  1,203,000

1972:  2,752,700

1995:  4,522,300

2000:  4,955,400

2009:  5,637,000

The Bible is so awesome!  From 2 sentences of Scripture (Micah 5:2-3), we see God telling us what will happen and then we see those things happen!  From 2 sentences!  And the great news is, the Bible is FULL of so many more prophecies that have come true, and the best one to come:  when Jesus comes back!


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