“Be very careful NEVER TO FORGET what you have seen God doing for you.  May His miracles have a deep and permanent effect upon your lives!  Tell your children and your grandchildren about the glorious miracles He did.  Tell them especially about the day…….” Deuteronomy 4:9 (Tyndale paraphrased)

I must never forget His many miracles in my life.

There have been so many……..

I must never forget the night of 12/31/2000, in my apartment in Mitchell, S.D.  For several years I had been suffering with escalating depression and anxiety.  On this specific night I was having a severe panic/anxiety attack.  I was in bed and suddenly 3 black (and what I perceived as very evil) ‘spirits’ rose up from the floor, hovered over me and then began to descend upon me.  No one can ever tell me this was a figment of my imagination.  This experience was real and the memory is as clear today as it was then.  To describe the terror I felt is impossible.  But then I ‘saw’ Jesus.  I ‘saw’ Him looking down on me, ‘telling me’… “You WILL get through this, Sue.  You WILL.  I am here with you.  I will never leave you or forsake you.”  And suddenly the spirits were gone and I could breathe again.

I must never forget the way Jesus ‘touched me’ through Mary.  Mary was a counselor I was seeing.  Her room was a place of safety and belonging.  It was a place where I was often amazed at how she knew what was on my heart before I even spoke it.  Later I found out that Mary is a devout Christian.  I believe it was Jesus in that room with me.  Jesus was the one ministering to my wounded heart.

I must never forget the night and day I lay on my deathbed.  I was in ICU with blood clots on my lungs, and diagnosed with a severe unknown infection.  I remember Al laying his head on my chest, crying.  I remember my sister, Beth, coming up from Fargo, and her telling me how she cried out to God not to take her sister.

I must never forget the miracle of how we got a loan to build our house in Chamberlain.  We have been renting and Al found a small piece of land to build on.  However, our credit was terrible due to some unscrupulous contractors that had cheated Al out of tens of thousands of dollars, leaving us broke and eventually with a IRS judgement.  But miraculously when Al went to the bank to inquire about a loan, his credit score came back high, allowing us to qualify for the homebuilding loan!  Later, after our house was built, the credit was back to it’s low score.  (Today, by the grace of God, we have been able to rebuild our credit.)

I must never forget the year Danelle was diagnosed with MS.  When she returned to the doctor for follow up tests the next day, after a night of Al and I crying out to God, the test came back with no MS.

I must never forget how I prayed to God to bring a special woman into Jim’s life.  And how God answered that prayer when He brought Leana into Jim’s life, a beautiful, delightful young lady that loves the Lord!  

I must never forget how God rescued my other very special daughter-in-law, Laurel, on a cold winter night.  She had been walking her dog on a trail and the dog slipped and fell into the Big Sioux River.  She went in after him and was caught up in the cold raging river.  She was able to hold onto her dog and herself by clinging to a tree stump.  As she cried out for help, the cold water sucking the life out of her and hypothermia setting in, MIRACULOUSLY the wind carried her voice miles away to a lone man standing on his deck.  He called for help and she was resuced.  WHAT A MIRACLE!

I must never forget the miracles of my grandbabies.  Missy cried out for almost a decade for a baby.  Many trials came her way during that time.  But God blessed her with a beautiful, bright, delightful baby girl  ‘Angel’.  Then, MIRACULOUSLY, He opened her womb! Nine months later she gave birth to our awesome Caleb!  What joy these 2 children bring to our family!

Oh, so many miracles. 

How great You are, Oh Abba!  I meditate upon Your kindness and love.  How I love You!  You have done such tremendous things for me! Psalm 18:1


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