40 Years Ago

   It was Saturday, November 28, 1970, in a small church in Terry, Montana.  40 years ago.  Al and I were married.

   I am so grateful that I can celebrate November 28, 2010, with Al still by my side.  I do not take any of the credit for this accomplishment.  It is nothing I can brag about.  It is only by the grace of God that He pulled Al and I through all the trials and struggles and disappointments that every marriage goes through.

   There were the early years when anything was possible.  And did we ever dream big!  Then there were the irreplaceable years of raising our children.  Yes, it was hard, and yes, we made mistakes with our kids.  But how I look back on those years with swelling in my heart.  Nothing can replace that time.  Today, as we are entering the last chapters of our life, we probably don’t dream as big.  But we are content.  The passion may have faded some, but we have a love that is like a favorite pair of pajamas, which might not look real sexy, but boy do they fit good.

   Oh yes, I am blessed.  I am blessed.     


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