It’s my story and I’m sticking to it

     It’s a fact whether it ‘feels’ like it or not.  My God loves me.  When I’m in that desert place and I “see” nothing, “hear” nothing, “feel” nothing.  Jesus is close.  When that unexpected hospital bill shows up.  The Holy Spirit knows all about it.  When a loved one is sick.  When relationships are broken. When the job is going nowhere.  On and on and on and on….. life.  I grasp onto this Rock and I hold on tight.  God loves me more than my human mind could EVER comprehend.  Someday I’ll experience it to the fullest. 

     I had a dream once.  Or maybe they call it a ‘vision’.  Because usually I’ll forget a dream.  But I’ll never forget this one.  I had died and was entering Heaven.  Jesus was there to meet me.  The King of the Universe was greeting me as a friend!  He said there was someone waiting to see me.  We started off and then I knew!  It was my Abba Father!  I ran!  And there He was!  Waiting for me!  I ran into His arms.  I experienced a sense of belonging that I’d never experienced before.  He was so happy to see me and to talk with me and love me and hold me.  I really can’t describe it all in words.  But I hold onto this vision often.  

   Yes, my God loves me.  This I know.  Life and life’s circumstances can try to make me believer otherwise, but the Truth is this: God loves me.  It’s my story – it’s my TRUTH- and I’m sticking to it.


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