A farmer in a small village once had a horse run away. Since the village was poor, his neighbors came by and said “What a terrible thing, your horse running away.” The farmer simply replied, “maybe.”
The next day, the horse came home, and had brought along a group of wild horses. “Wow, how fortunate!” said the neighbors. “Maybe,” replied the farmer.
When the farmer’s son was trying to tame one of the wild horses, he was bucked off and broke his leg. “How awful!” the neighbors exclaimed. “Maybe,” said the farmer.
Later, an army passed through the village, conscripting all able-bodied young men. The farmer’s son was passed over because of his broken leg. “How lucky you are,” the neighbors said. You can guess the farmer’s response.

 Too often, we are making judgments and comparisons, which tend to keep us stuck in the past or lost in thoughts about an unknown future. Take a deep breath, and stop to appreciate the little things in this moment.


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