Wow.  It’s been awhile.   A long while.  Since I blogged. 

   But I have to write this down.  It’s too important to not write it down.  Something very important.  A true story.

   I was 10 years old when I decided I wanted a rabbit.  It just came to me suddenly – I wanted a rabbit.  So I went to my Mom and told her.  She said no.  I asked her again.  She said no again.  I asked her again.  She usually gave in by the 3rd or 4th time I asked.  But this time she was adament.  She would not relent.  Her answer was no.  I had never seen her so determined to stick to her guns.  This was serious!  I was bound and determined I would have that rabbit!  So I started on the whining.  That didn’t work.  I got angry and threw a tantrum.  That didn’t work.  Now I really had to kick it in.  I started in on the tears.  THAT didn’t work!!!!  I couldn’t believe it!  I’d NEVER seen my Mom so determined.  I kept at it.  The tears came and came and came and came.  I didn’t give in.  Two hours later, I had made myself physically sick from crying and sobbing and begging.

   Guess what?  She gave in.  She let me get a rabbit.  I had won. 

   Within a week I was tired of the rabbit.  I stopped feeding it, playing with it, and even caring about it.  I don’t know what ever happened to that rabbit. 

   Crazy…… that I would think of that story.  But I did.  Yesterday morning.  When I was spending time with the Lord.  I was, again, asking Him for something.  I want Him to let me spends my days with Him.  I don’t want to have to go to work.  I don’t want to have to deal with housecleaning, and bills and the things of life.  I want to work for Him fulltime.  Some kind of ministry.  I don’t know what.  There doesn’t seem to be much opportunity around here in this small South Dakota town.  But He’s God.  Anything is possible with Him.  He can make it happen.

   So I was whining to God.  I was starting in on the tears.  That’s when He reminded me of the rabbit. 

   I wonder if He’s trying to tell me something.  Do you think if He gave me what I wanted, I would tire of it after while?  Maybe, just like that little girl who didn’t have the maturity to care for a rabbit – maybe  I don’t have the maturity to care for one of His ministries.  Maybe if, as a little girl, I would have been obedient to my Mom, and submitted, and then spent my time studying about rabbits, learning about what it entails, maybe things would have turned out different.  I’m thinking that, she, knowing how much I wanted a rabbit, that as soon as she thought I was ready, she would have given me that rabbit.

   Maybe I need to really understand what it means to be called to the ministry.  Maybe if instead of whining and crying, maybe if I looked at the lives of other men and women that have given their lives to Christ….. maybe if I quietly waited on God, patiently trusting Him, maybe…….

No, not maybe!  Yes!  He would delight in giving me the desire of my heart when He thinks – when He knows – I am ready.  Because that’s one of His promises!


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