I’m thankful to be thankful. 


Does that make sense?

As I was contemplating on what I should post today I realized what a great gift an attitude of thankfulness IS.  You see, I remember those days.  Before the Lord started changing my heart.  When I was never thankful for anything.  My heart was full of self-pity and unforgiveness and it seemed like my entire world was about blaming someone or something for my misery:  ……my parents raised me wrong  …… husband isn’t doing things MY way …… kids are fighting ……my house is dirty …….no one else will cook  ……..there’s never enough money   …….everyone else seems to have something I want  ….on and on and on.  But mostly what I remember about those days is never considering what I could be thankful for.   Instead, obsessing about the pain inside of me and on a mission to discover the reason for it.

Today I can testify that Jesus changed my heart. MAJORLY.  The pain is gone and He has opened my eyes to all of His incredible blessings. 

Oh, there’s still days of a dirty house, but today I’m thankful that I HAVE a house to live in.  There’s still days of not enough money, but today I’m thankful for the clothes on my back and the food in the refrigerator.  There’s still days I don’t want to cook, and today I’m really thankful that my husband has discovered he enjoys cooking and does most of the cooking in our house!  There are still days when I may not be the center of attention in my husband’s and my kid’s lives.  But today I am SO THANKFUL for them.  REALLY.   This blog post would be SO LONG if I started in on my wonderful husband and kids.  I’m serious.  They are amazing.  But this morning I want to describe each one of them.  In just two words:

HUBBY:  Faithful.  Devoted.  CHILD #1:  Kind.  Innovative.   CHILD #2:  Real.  Strong.   CHILD #3:  Disciplined.  Focused.   CHILD #4:  Gentle.  Smart.

Yes, today I am thankful to be thankful.  I am thankful for this “THANKFUL THURSDAY” blog, where we can get our eyes off ourselves and contemplate all the things there are to be thankful for.

And it all starts with Jesus, who because of what He did, enabled us to have peace with God

and to be thankful.

Thank you, Jesus!



  1. I love it! “I’m thankful to be thankful!” What a blessing as we look around and see all that God has bestowed upon us. Too many people are going thru life with discontentment. Thank you for sharing your grateful heart with your readers today and hopefully they too will find something they are thankful for! -Laurie

  2. I like this. We all need to be reminded now and then that we can’t go around blaming others for our problems. Have a great day!

  3. Oh how wonderful this post is I want to share it with my son who seems to thing the world is picking on him thank you for posting this

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