March came in like a lion.  It was very cold.  So that means we can hope that March goes out like a lamb.  I am so ready for spring, how about anyone else?


Has anyone ever contemplated all the saying we say in our culture that are actually from the Bible?  We often speak biblical phrases daily without realizing we are quoting or alluding directly to the Bible.  It’s funny really.  Like this one …. we refer to a lion and a lamb.  Well, we know who that is.  That is Our Savior.  Gentle as a lamb, mighty as a lion. 

Other quips that come to mind: 

“The writing’s on the wall” ; “The truth will set you free” ; “rise and shine”, “give up the ghost”; “see eye to eye” ;”the skin of my teeth” ;”two heads are better than one”; “O ye of little faith” ;“Why hast thou forsaken me?”l “All good things come to those who wait”; “Knowledge is power” (Proverbs chpt 24)

These are just a few of the ones I found in the past few minutes.  Sometime when I have more time I’m going to research this more.  It’s interesting!


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