Our family is definitely a dog family. We have always had dogs in our family.  The dogs in the pictures above are Charlie (Llaso Apso); Cabo (Golden Retriever); Neesha (beagle/bulldog / something or other); and Ed and Allie (Black Lab and Border Collie).

I was contemplating how dogs can be so frustrating, yet they are so devoted to their masters.  And I’m thinking how we must look to our Master at times, Our Heavenly Master.   Just like a family dog, sometimes we don’t listen.  Sometimes we “shed”.  Sometimes we make a mess.

But then I was thinking about how a dog can be so focused on it’s master.  For example, when we eat.  Whenever I eat, Cabo just sits there, staring at me.  Watching the food go in my mouth, just staring…. I’ve noticed other dogs do that, too.  I wonder if we could learn something from our dogs.  Could we ‘stare’ at Our Heavenly Father like that?  Just focus on Him and only Him, hoping and praying He’ll give us some of His ‘food’…. knowing that He will, because He’s such a good Father, and He wants to give us His ‘food’.  Jesus said in John 4:34 that His food was to do the will of the Father.  My prayer today is that I will be so focused on My Father in heaven, I will be ‘staring’ at Him, and that I will know clearly what His will is for me today and everyday, and that I will obey.  Yes, then I will be fed.

And I will be one happy dog!



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