I’m 58 1/2 years old.  I should have learned this before now.  But I didn’t.  But I know now.  Expectations & perceptions.  Don’t have them.  Don’t trust them.  Except for 1. 

Don’t expect relationships to stay the same.  They change. 

Don’t expect your Church to look a certain way, maybe the way you want it to look.  It won’t.

Don’t expect your jobs to stay the same, or if they do, to satisfy you like they once did.  They won’t.

There is only ONE thing that stays the same.  One thing that never changes.  And that is Our Heavenly Father, Our Jesus, Our Holy Spirit.  They never change.  They always stay the same.  That I can count on.  They love me the same now as they loved me when I wasn’t walking with them.  They love me in a way I still can’t really comprehend.  They will never leave me.  This relationship with them will never change.  What awesome peace that is!

PERCEPTIONS:  The other thing I should have learned by now.  Don’t trust my own perceptions.  They can be so deceiving.  So don’t even go there.  Just go to Jesus, and ask Holy Spirit to show me the truth.

WORSHIP:   I was reading in John 4 today.  Jesus told the woman at the well that Abba Father is ‘seeking’ worshipers who worship Him in spirit and in truth.  Jesus said that!  And Jesus know what He’s talking about!  So…… my Abba Father, who I long to please, is ‘looking for’ certain type of worshipers.  Those that worship in spirit and in truth.  How I wish I really knew what that looked like.  Worshiping in spirit.  Worshiping in truth.  I THINK that means being real.  I THINK that means not necessarily worshiping with any part of your BODY, but with your spirit.  Lifting my spirit up to God.  My heart.  I wonder:  when I’m playing the songs the Lord has given me, when I’m singing and playing my guitar, all by myself in my living room, singing to Him…… is THAT worshiping in spirit and in truth????  And then I think about if I really ‘saw’ God, if I really got a ‘glimpse’ of Him, how could I even lift my head, left alone hold my guitar, or remember the chords I was playing, or sing a song?  How could I do anything but be totally swept away?  And so I understand that I DON”T really understand about worship.  I guess I can go through the motions.  But I pray that I will learn how to ‘be swept away’.  Holy Spirit, please teach me how to worship in spirit and in truth.  Holy Spirit, I also ask you to protect and annoint the worship leaders at my Church, in fact ALL worship leaders at every Church.  My friend, Julie told me that Satan, before he was thrown out of heaven, was in charge of worship, and that’s why he hates worship so much.  That’s why he is intent on making sure we DON’T worship in spirit in truth.  So I pray for our worship leaders, and I ask you to protect them.  Maybe there’s times I don’t especially LIKE certain types of worship, but I confess that it is wrong for me to have that type of attitude.  YOU have placed them there as our worship leaders, Lord, if YOU didn’t want them there, You could certainly remove them.  So, I choose to have the attitude You want us to have about ALL our leaders, and I acknowledge their leadership, knowing that YOU are Sovereign, You are in control.  Thank you Abba Father.


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